Rhodiola Rosea Extract - 500mg x 90 tablets - High Potency 4:1 extract (equivalent of 2000mg)

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Hochwirksamer Rhodiola Rosea Extrakt 2000 mg – 300 % mehr Rhodiola pro Tablette für einen Bruchteil des Preises im Einzelhandel. Preise ab nur 14.06 € pro Flasche

High Potency Rhodiola Rosea Extract 500mg (4:1 extract equivalent to 2000mg) x 90 tablets

Rhodiola Rosea Extract is a plant extract indicated for the temporary relief from the symptoms of stress.

High Potency Rhodiola Rosea Extract 2000mg contains 500mg of Rhodiola Rosea Extract 4:1 extract (equivalent to 2000mg of root) per tablet. Standardised to ensure that each tablet contains exactly what the label states and that each tablet provides a large dose of the macromolecules Rosavin, Rosarin, Rosin, and Salidroside.

At 500mg of 4:1 extract, each tablet contains approximately 200% more rhodiola rosea extract than regularly dosed rhodiola supplements - regular Rhodiola Rosea extract tablets typically contain between 200mg to 250mg of Rhodiola Rosea 4:1 extract.

Each bottle contains 90 tablets and will last 3 months.


Highly concentrated for maximum efficacy:

Nobody wants to rattle like a pill box, so we made a supplement that contains a huge quantity of highly concentrated Rhodiola Rosea Extract per tablet. At 2000mg equivalent per tablet and taken once daily, it gives you the most potent Rhodiola Rosea Extract possible for maximum results and affect.

    1. 500mg of highly concentrated Rhodiola Rosea Extract whole herb extract.

    1. Concentrated 4:1 extract so each tablet contains the equivalent of 2000mg root.

    1. Standardised to contain huge doses of the macromolecules Rosin, Rosarin, Rosavin, and Salidroside.

    1. High quantity of Salidroside

200% to 300% more rhodiola per tablet

Not all ingredients are made equal, and in creating High Potency Rhodiola Rosea Extract we used highly concentrated and standardised rhodiloa and packed in as much as we could per tablet.

With 500mg of 4:1 extract, High Potency Rhodiola Rosea Extract contains between 200 and 300% more rhodiola rosea per tablet compared to regluar dosed rhodiola rosea supplements.


Great Value:

High Potency Rhodiola Rosea Extract is sold in bottles containing 3 months supply and prices as low as only £3.49 a month.


High Potency Rhodiola Rosea:

    • 500mg of concentrated rhodiola rosea extract

    • Concentrated 4:1 extract so each tablet contains the equivalent of 2000mg rhodiola rosea root.

    • Standardised to contain industry leading amounts of the actives Rosarin, Rosavin, Rosin, and Salidroside.

    • 200% to 300% more of the active ingredient per tablet compared to regularly dosed rhodiola rosea supplements - 500mg 4:1 extract compared with 250mg 4:1 extract.

    • High concentration of Salidroside per tablet - 500% more than many major brands Rhodiola tablets

    • Prices starting at only £3.49 a month

    • Manufactured in facilities that meet the strict cGMP and ISO standards

    • Fast shipping - order before 4pm for same working day dispatch and next day delivery


DISCLAIMER: Please note that individual results may vary.

*Where written, any mention of the strength of the product is in reference to the quantity of mg per tablet, not the results. Individual results may vary.


Nehmen Sie täglich eine Tablette ein (versuchen Sie möglichst jeden Tag zur gleichen Zeit Tabletten einzunehmen). Ganzes mit Wasser abnehmen

Portionsgröße: 1 Tablette
Portionen pro Packung: 90
Rhodiola Rosea-Extrakt (Rhodiola Rosea) (Wurzel) (4: 1-Extrakt, entsprechend 2000 mg Rhodiola Rosea) (Standardisiert mit 1% Salidrosiden) , 5mg): 500mg
Andere Bestandteile: Mikrokristalline Cellulose, Magnesiumstearat, Dicalciumphosphat, Beschichtung (Hypromellose, Glycerin)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good product

Improves my mood and focus. It's no adderral but it's good and healthy.

Five Stars

This stuff really works! I've been taking it for several years!

No noticeable benefits

I've been taking this product for around 5 months and I can't honestly say I haven't felt any real benefit from it, maybe it's just me and not the quality of the product. I was surprised the tablets were in a solid form, rather than a capsule, I'm really no expert but it wasn't what I was expecting. On the plus side the price was good (compared to other brands) and the delivery was excellent but I won't be purchasing again. I've just brought and am about to start taking another brand, I will be interested to see if the results are any better.

helps me sleep

These are great in combination with 5HTP and Valerian extract for getting a full nights sleep and waking with the feeling that you slept well.

Great stuff

five stars, great

does wonders

I am happier and less stressed than before, this stuff does wonders. I read about it in a magazine at the dentists only two weeks ago and bought some right away. What can I say, it's done what I hoped. I feel better in myself and lighter.

Return to "normal"

Before these I would often feel tired from the moment I woke up and it would take hours to shake that feeling off. Then as evening rolled around I would be yawning and groggy, but my sleep was rarely what I would describe as resting.

I have tried prescription medications, some to help make me feel awake and some to help me sleep. The net effect was more side effects then positive effects. For me Rhodiola hasn't been a miracle cure or anything close, BUT... and it is a big but, for a herbal supplement, I have seen an improvement.

It is not like drinking 3 cans of red bull for energy, and it doesn't knock you out like travelling for 20 hours to Hong Kong. However, my mental clarity has improved. I feel more alert from waking, the fog is lifted and I feel how I imagine "normal" should feel. I wake rested, I'm alert and focused during the day when I need to be, relaxed and calm the rest of the time. When it comes to sleeping I don't know if it is these or the 5-HTP I have been taking but I tend to fall asleep quite quickly now and sleep through the night. At first I had quite odd dreams but those have since passed.

I used to feel stressed at work, and don't get me wrong, i still have the same worries and feelings of anxiety as anyone when things go wrong, but I'm much better equipped to deal with it now. I'm not one to get in to fads, I don't buy organic food and I don't take 16 different health supplements a day. I consider myself just a normal person really. But these have worked for me and that is why I am sharing my review.

I think these truly can help people who suffer a lot with feeling like they spend much of their life in a daze, unable to sleep at night, and never fully awake during the day.

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